Experience in the use of Varicobooster

Cream Varicobooster my experience with the application and use of

My name is Aigul. I live in Kazakhstan in city Almaty. During pregnancy I had the first signs of varicose veins in the legs. Due to the fact that I have gained a lot of weight my blood vessels could not cope with the increased load on the legs. First, the feet become swollen, idea there was a grid of small capillaries, and then the nodules. Began to look for a remedy against varicose veins. Was looking for such that it does not cause harm to the fetus, so it should be without chemicals, and be composed of only natural ingredients. Learned that since ancient times used for treatment of varicose veins horse chestnut, nettle, chamomile and various essential oils. A friend recommended to pay attention to the cream Varicobooster where have these and other natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer the cream against varicose veins does not contain in its composition of harmful and prohibited substances. Cream Varicobooster passed all tests and is certified. To order the cream was quite simple. Logging on to the official website of the product, filled out the form, which made their contact details and phone number. Then in the mail received and paid for in the same cod

varicose veins in pregnant women

How to use it?

Before you need to wash the area and dry with a paper towel. Then squeezed some cream from a tube and rubbed it in his hands. After massage I applied the cream to the places which formed the stars and nodules. 2-3 minutes applied the cream. And it is good that it is very well absorbed and no need to rinse

My first impressions of the cream

I began to notice that it is much easier to carry as pregnancy. So, I became much less nervous. Also in the summer also want to wear a light dress, but with blue feet was not very pleasant. Indeed, in whatever state was not a woman, she always wants to look beautiful. So after I started to use it already not afraid to wear a light dress because the way the legs feel better.

veins before and after applying the cream

It is very important that the nodules began to disappear. Certainly completely remove the problem I have been unable, however, to feel the real effect of this cream really. The procedure of applying the cream also causes positive emotions. Probably due to the menthol foot cream be cool and appears easy. These include essential oils create a very pleasant fragrance, does not irritate harsh smell, as usual in many such funds is a pungent smell that immediately brings discomfort. The more you know that during pregnancy the senses more acute. And this means to use very nice. I continue to use the cream primarily because I got a real result, not just assurances. I now recommend it to their friends, who are also facing the same problem as varicose veins.